What's it mean if a girl says yes to a first date?

What are the reasons why a girl says she would want to go on a first date with a guy?

Does it necessarily mean she likes the guy?

What other reasons might there be?

Also, on what number date should a guy be certain a girl likes him?

Please try and answer all the questions if you can :) Thank you!


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  • honestly, based on experience, the first date can also mean she's willing to give a guy a chance and/or she wants to get to know the guy better, not necessarily like him. Date number 2 (to be sure, 3) should be a guy's hint that a girl likes him. If a girl doesn't like the guy or didn't like the date, she wouldn't say yes to a second date, unless she's willing to give him a chance (indication that she's thinking about it (i.e like the guy already or getting to like the guy!)).

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      Thank you so much, I'll be looking forward to seeing if I can get to a second or even a third date.

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      your welcome! I'm sure you will. Good luck! :D