What does a side hug mean?

So a guy that I'm kind of friends with asked me for a hug one day when we were walking together before we went our separate ways. I suck at hugs, so it was probably awkward because it was a side hug and I hug weirdly. He never asked for a hug before, so does this mean he's more comfortable with me or trying to say he likes me? The other day when I saw him he didn't ask for a hug, but we still talked, so I felt weird because I wasn't sure if I should've asked or what. I also noticed when we talk, he doesn't hold a lot of eye contact but he does continue the conversation.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ok, if someone specifically asks for a hug, giving them a side hug is kind of weird in my opinion. I think it would give the impression that the person is not really comfortable hugging, which may be why he didn't ask again.

    Honestly, I'd never even heard of "side hugs" until you mentioned them. I guess I just don't think of that as a real hug.

    If someone asks for a hug, I'd assume they meant a normal hug, but I wouldn't assume that it means they're interested in me or anything. It's certainly not a bad sign, but don't read too much into it.