Winky face in a text?

A girl I'm "talking" to, used a winky face in a text of hers. What does this mean?


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  • post what she said and I can tell you could be positive or negative, if the text was a good conversation then she used it in a goo way.

    if the conversation was negative or ate something sour then it was a bad face. >.< <---never mind its a negative face. lol maybe he was frustrated lol

    • She said "Good looking out ;)"

    • its just a happy face -,- you had me guessing for that?! you lucky I got 3pts lol

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  • Depends on what she's saying. If it's funny, then it's just meant as a way to show you should take it as a funny text.

    It's just a wink...

  • Almost always this means that she is flirting with you !

    • :O

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    • Well flirting and being into someone are two different things(some people are just naturally flirty or they do it out of fun) so you need more than a flirty winky to be able to say if she is into you or not but keep the talking and texting going and if she's into you you'll notice soon enough :)

    • Oh

  • when you like someone never read to much into stuff!i use the winky face in a way but it always depends on the convo what were you guys talking about ?

  • She's probably flirting with you!

  • depends on what she wrote. There is no universal meaning.

  • She is trying to let u know she likes you


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  • Well at least you know it's a stupid question...

    It's also an abstract question. I answered one on here yesterday about a guy tapping a girl on the shoulder and I'll say the same thing: things like this can't possibly be analyzed enough to find any meaning in them. Don't stress yourself over something so small and instead find real ways of knowing if this girl likes you or not.

  • Seh wants your d***, just kd it means she is friendlty

  • Yeah dude, I'm sorry but you really have to post more than she just used a winky face. And really, reading into one winky face is too extreme. You need to look at the whole picture, all her texts and body language and the way she talks to you, you'll be much better off than analyzing one small winky.

    Heck, I just saw a Facebook status about a friend of mine who accidentally sent a winky when she meant to just send a smiley. Imagine that was you and now you're reading too much into it!

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    she's flirting with you...

  • like if she says I want to eat your popsicle ;) you know winky faces are usually sex things

  • depends on the context but it probably means she wants your cawk. congrats