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Why do some girls wear a ring on their index finger?

I notice some girls wear a ring on their index finger, what does it mean?

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  • Hi there,Well personally, I might wear a ring on that finger for different reasons, like its most comfortable there, its the only finger it fits on, I think it looks best on that finger, and the same goes for any finger really. Its got nothing to do with anything really other than I just felt like wearing a ring. I'm not symbolizing anything. I actually don't think that most of us girls know what each finger symbolizes...Hope this helped :)

What Girls Said 16

  • I rarely wear rings, but I've never worn any on my index finger. It just looks kinda weird to me.

  • Doesn't mean anything. It's just jewelry.

  • To me it means nothing.I just place a ring on the finger I like the most.

  • A couple possibilities--They are in a relationship of some sort-That ring just happens to fit that finger and they like it thereYou can't really know unless you ask!

  • I do it if it's the only finger the ring won't slide off of. My fingers are pretty slim so I wear a ring on my middle finger a lot if I wear one so that it doesn't fall off(as easily atleast) and I don't lose it.

  • I like them on my pinkies and ring fingers instead.

  • I wear rings on my index finger, cause its most comfortable

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  • Add to what TheoryOfAvarice said,Maybe they just want to follow the trend.People didn't wear their rings on their index finger before.

  • I've seen that done rings on different fingers. It's not a gay thing outright but some girls have a ring on there left index finger saying there taken or dating.

  • Probably just feels comfortable on that finger to her, for me I put rings on my middle fingers since it feels the most comfortable there

  • If I were to do it it would be because it was the only finger it fit on

  • It depends on what I'm wearing.. but usually I always place one there. No special meaning, other than I like it!

    • Sweet mother of god - you are cute! (no connection to what you wrote, just had to state the obvious :) )

    • Thank you! :]!

  • Means that its the only finger my ring fits in.

  • for me it has just fashionable reasons

  • I wear a ring on my right index finger because I already have one on my middle and ring fingers on that hand

What Guys Said 2

  • It means nothing. Its just jewelry.

  • Some cultures wear wedding bands on other fingers than we are familiar with. But if seems too young to be married then it's probably just because she likes the ring.