Why do "ugly guys" think they can get a pretty girl?

Why are guys so selfish? I mean like, you guys wouldn't want to have sex with an ugly girl. Stop chasing them! (the pretty girls) it's SO annoying!

I don't mean to sound so shallow, but it IS true. You guys think you guys are really caring people, but when it's to ugly girls, you guys ignore them. This is really shallow of you guys, and yet you guys criticize girls for doing the same (girls caring about the good-looking guys)?

Wth right?

Do guys really care about the looks that much? You guys always criticize the girls by saying "WHY DO GIRLS ALWAYS CHASE THE POPULAR, HOT GUYS?"

Don't you guys do the same? I think you guys need an attitude adjustment.

What are your opinions? (please do not make random / off-topic answers)


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  • Come on. Both males and females are like that. You can't just blame guys and you can't just blame girls.

    Every intelligent person knows this.

    People naturally chase those they think they would make a good, healthy baby with.

    Human nature.


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  • This, young lady is a longer discussion than what any site / diary or book an afford you yet come up with no final answer.

    No you don't sound shallow but I'd recommend that take life as it is. Question and research but don't ponder on things so long on certain topics that you continue doing so after you are fossilized.

    There are tons of err pardon the expression leave alone not so good looking but ugly girls who think they are nature's blessing to mankind and expect the most handsome men to fall for them. Even the not so good looking guys or rather ugly guys do the same.

    It's nature that makes them see things that way. Man is made basically with certain traits just the same as a woman.

    No one requires an attitude adjustment here. Just that we require acceptance for certain things that nature has given us and respect it as well as other living as well as inanimate things here.

    You don't like someone stay out of his/her way, if they follow you try telling them to lay off on the face.

    Things are bound to happen everywhere, every time. If you keep getting bothered about everything that you are not concerned with, only you will make your life miserable while everyone else will be happy in their own sphere.

  • it depends what your definition of ugly is but I have seen a lot of guys of all types with hot girls over the years . its not just the rich and famous dating those girls .

    but there are cases where some guys need to lower there standards to actually land a girl in real life

  • I'm gonna chase pretty girls because I want a pretty girl. Why would I go after something I don't want?

  • i don't think

  • I never ignore a girl. Girls who are not beautiful are also conceited where I live.

  • Well as a Guy, I have to be/ see myself attracted to a girl to really even care about her. It seems messed up but it's true. I don't ask for the smolding hot girl either, she can be average. My whole thing is some guys are set in a society's norm where he can get the hot girl even if he's like a 5.

  • Guys don't ignore ugly girls for the one simple reasons...sex. And ugly girl is always an option when it comes to getting laid. However when it's a girl if by magic no guys were feeling her if she was just left with ugly guys she would not take them and just accept she's not going to get any that night.

    But to answer your question cause you never know till you try. A good looking girl may one day may go for a less good looking guy so it's alway worth a try.

  • Let's not pretend that girls are criticized more for this than guys. I mean, many girls have said that girls will date below them on the attractiveness scale. Sometimes that's true, but the guy has to have money. The first thing guys look for is looks. There are other things that matter too, but that's first and foremost. Girls look for someone that is set physically, socially, and financially. Then when they can't get the guy they want, they have the audacity to say stuff like "guys are so shallow." Girls ALWAYS try to play the victim in everything.

    Also, "you guys wouldn't want to have sex with an ugly girl" that line is completely wrong. There are many guys that went home with an ugly chick just to get laid. So very many. When it comes to sex, guys have it a lot harder than any girl.

  • We can't help liking what we like nor can you. don't blame us it's just the way humans are.

  • i think they hope they have a chance so they just go for it is my guess

  • I'm average. Not hot, not ugly. I like to date hot girls. Why, because although I'm not a hunk, girls still like me for my personality. If I can get a hot girl to think I'm funny and awesome, why would I want to date an unattractive girl? There's nothing wrong with dating what you can get.

    • well why do these hot girls want to date average you? you say it's personality...yet you couldn't imagine a situation where you yourself pick anything over looks...you're lucky the girls you date are less shallow than you.

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    • Who says the doctor can't be a friend, just not a girlfriend? Men are hard-wired to want attractive women. Women evolved for beauty, men didn't. Also, you could make the case that women shouldn't want men who work hard to become rich, but should be happy with nice, broke guys. That's not going to happen. Men are no less or no more shallow than women. We both want what we want, they just happen to be different wants.

    • "in the dating pool if she wasn't beautiful to begin with.That is inexcusably shallow to me."

      Listen, just suck it up, that's the way things are. There are girls who are guilty of this too. you date people only if you are sexually attracted to that person, and looks play a big role in that.

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  • lol. It could have been said a little bit better...without caps lol BUT =P Why can't they? I would like to know. Okay, lets say there is a hot guy and there is a girl you or many people would consider unattractive. Some or more than likely most would say she couldn't get him and that if he did go out with her everyone would think, why? or make some reasons as to why he may be interested in her.

    You're judging her solely on her looks alone if you don't know her. Same thing is applied to that very guy who is with her. You are saying he's hot and he should be with someone who is just as hot or hotter and not someone who is below par.

    He could be anything from amazing to a jerk and same could be said for her. The point I suppose the point is just because a person who is not consider attractive doesn't mean that they don't have a chance because that individual that they are hitting on or trying to be with may be someone who is compatible with them on many different levels.

    Not everyone writes people off even if they do think that they're hot or other people think that they are. Not everyone is the same and it's all about personal taste. Saying, "you do that so why can't I?" doesn't really justify the reason of you doing so when it comes to that. IF you do that or feel that way. If you're a decent person you treat people decently even if you're not interested in them. Not lead them on but don't act like a jerk because if someone thought that you weren't up to their standards you wouldn't want to be treated that way. Just common courtesy and sense.

    • The bottom line is, men do 95% of the approaching. It would only make sense that we would approach what we find attractive. Because a vast majority of girls do zero approaching, they only get what comes their way, because they are passive. The approach style of men means we are more likely to be rejected by more hot girls, but we are also more likely to get a partner more attractive than ourselves. The hottest men rarely like commitment, because they can get a lot of NSA sex and know that.

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    • I have some very attractive male friends. Every single one of them are huge players. I've also know some other hot guys through business contacts. They are mostly players as well. The hottest guys know they can get what they want without giving the girl what she generally wants (commitment), that's part of the reason why you see more average/ugly looking guys with hot girls than the reverse. A lot of girls know that the hotter the guy, the less likely he'll commit to her.

    • I'm not going to say that doesn't happen and it's not true. I just know that it doesn't apply to everyone. Eventually guys who do things such as that or if they are players they will want to settle down eventually and cheap thrills aren't going to please them forever. So they may get away with not being in a committed relationship but it's not always going to be that way. I really do believe it comes down to the individual.

  • Huh? I didn't think when finding love there was a rule when it came to looks. People who stay together do so because they want to be and in all honesty looks only take you so far the persons personality takes them to that next step.

  • That's true.but when a girl wants a hot or rich or big Dick guy they call her all the names in the book.they think they should have top choice when it comes to women and they can want whatever they want..but get mad when a girl does it because we aren't allowed to be shallow.

  • amen sister.