Guys have you ever been used by a girl? girls have you ever used a guy?

Please explain what she did.

Ladies explain what you did.



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  • I have been used by one girl. The most recent girl I had a thing with actually...basically she put on a front and acted like she liked me, and I mean liked me A LOT, but after I denied her offer to have sex once or twice she randomly told me it wouldn't work out in the long run. This was after like 2-3 weeks. So, whatever, it happens.

    • um... are you sure she was using you?

      Maybe she just broke up with you because your sexual appetites were not compatable...

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    • Wow, and I thought it was GUYS that were more honry! lol!

    • Haha me too.

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  • Whenever I'm single I use guys...

    To make me feel better...

    make me happy...

    feel like I'm worth something...

    • I like your honesty :)

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    • Don't you feel bad at all? You say it like with such a carelessness

    • Feel bad about having fun? enjoying life? sex?

      Like guys don't do this...

  • I did once. He liked me and I struggled to deny that he did and hung out with him became really close friends. Then after all that when he wanted to go further with the relationship I turned him down. I basically led him on in my denial but I knew that he liked me. It was way too obvious. But he was nice about it all and I apologized over and over. We're still good friends. I set him up with one of my friends recently so hopefully they'll become something :D this is one of those happy ending stories I guess.

  • To get a free meal? or to go out when I had no friends to do that with?

    *evil smrk* ...yes...

    • Lol. Thanks for the honest answer :)

  • One guy I used before, but at the same time I think he kinda set himself up for it, he liked me, I rejected him, told him I never planed to be with him, was blunt and honest with it and then he sent me a free laptop since my computer broke down, I didn't beg him for a laptop just complained about my computer since I was frustrated by it... I think that's considered using a guy.

    There's also my moms boyfriend, but I don't give about using him to get me stuff, when I was under 18 he used to sexually harass me, didn't tell my mom about it or anything and now (I still live in the same house) if I ask for anything I can get it from him, without much effort,(Got some clothes, get him to make food I like, some snacks here and there) I don't lead him on on anything, he disturbs me a lot...

    I use guys at bars for drinks but that's not much really, since I'm sure lots of girls do, but other than that I don't think I use guys.

  • used for sex. once we moved to different colleges, he started cheating right away, despite having told me previously that he loved me and wanted to marry me later on in life. I'm sure it's common enough of a story.

  • sadly I did once, to get rid of another guy but I regret it


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  • Just got played by this girl that needed a guitarist for her recital piece for her drama class. I thought there was something there. Now I'm stuck in a hole because I'm not a dbag who would commit and run away later, so I'm gonna play the show. I think I might f*** up of purpose though, just to make my statement.

  • Oh yeah. Starting high school, some girls would be all nice and pretend to like me to get me to do favors for them. Sadly, I was at first stupid enough to believe they meant it.

    • Yup been there done that...

  • Nope, I can legitimately say I've never allowed a girl to use me. One of the few. Though whether that is considered normal for a boy or not, that's another story.

  • I've been used more than once as a person to make people feel good about themselves after they've been dumped. Then they forget about me, never again though.

  • Yes. Every time I go to the mall.

  • I have used many girls before, do I feel bad? Not really...probably because I have commitment issues and I am trying to find a voy that I can't find.

    A girl has played with me before...i am not sure if it was for attention or not though. At first I think it was, but later on I think she felt bad about it.

  • got used like tool, asking to be together just to make the guy she like jealous. also the money is what she is after. like 4-5 time and the best of it that is like she tell other girl to do the same to me it's work very well (I over heard it). from that point I don't talk to girl or making any contact with em

  • Yep :(