Guys, if you ask your girlfriend to stay the night for the first time, does it mean you're expecting sex?

Guys, if you ask your girlfriend to stay the night for the first time, does it mean you're expecting sex?


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  • No if he likes you then no.

    • I can't believe someone downvoted that!

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  • Not necessarily. When I have my own place and I tell my girl to come and spend the night that means I want to spend the night with her. I want my house to be a safe and comfortable place for her. Now us spending time during that night may lead to sex or it may not. If she's uncomfortable moving that far then I'll stop and we can just cuddle and make out and talk or watch tv, etc. If your boyfriend is having you over for the first time and you're worried about having sex and you don't want to, be honest with him. Tell him what you want out of that night and what you don't want. If my girlfriend were that honest, I'd appreciate it and respect her wishes.

  • Not necessarily I would ask her to stay if I was worried about her driving at night.Or I was planning something romantic in the morning for her or sex if we both wanted to

  • It'd definitely make a move.

    • and if she turned you down?

    • Then she turns me down. At least I tried.

  • Probably more like hoping for it to happen.

  • I would be happy if she spent the night and cuddled but I'd be expecting sex if I asked her to stay the night on the first date and she said yes. But like I said cuddling is fine, I'd probably push her a bit till she said not tonight or something like that.

    • O yeah and then I'd wait for her to fall asleep

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    • LOL I thought you were being sweet and were gonna say something like "because she's beautiful when she sleeps"

    • ROFL yeah right... this is real life not notebook ta fauq...

  • I don't expect anything but love and loyalty from my girlfriend.

  • Me no because to young and that not a good relationship it depends on age and marriage

  • No. I'd be just fine cuddling my girl after somethings other than sex.

    • "somethings" meaning other activities like watching a movie etc. or other sexual stuff like oral?

    • whatever she was comfortable with. tbh a good make-out session can be just as enjoyable.

  • I don't really expect sex on a first date, but if the girl is up for it then bring it on.

    I read some comments, if she doesn't sex the first night, it would not change my opinion of her, I won't think less of her, but I'm just that kind of guy so my opinion may differ

    • Im not talking about the first date. Say you've been dating for a short while, and then you invite her over to your place for the first time

    • OooOooo

      Well that is different, I would not jump to the conclusion of sex, but if I felt those vibes coming from the girl, I'll do the man thing and kick start the session.

  • maybe

  • Not necessarily. It'd definitely be in my mind, but I think it'd be rather easy to tell what her intentions were for the night.

    • Would you be disappointed if she didn't have sex with you that night? Would it change your opinion of her?

    • Change my opinion? No haha, I don't put that much importance on this... It really depends on how far we are in the relationship, I'd be cool with just chilling either way though. That's just me though.

      Though I'd hope that any girl who'd be in this spot would know that they should make decisions based on what's comfortable for them first, regardless of who it makes happy or sad. If a guy got upset, he's probably not that great anyways.

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