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What does it mean when a girl texts you a sad face and hasn't talked to you since?

I've been seeing this girl for about a month now and last week I didn't reply to her text as I was busy. Two days ago she sent me ':(' and nothing... Show More

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  • hii, there...honestly, my guess is that she's probably just being difficult. I've done this myself a few times...a guy doesn't talk to me for a few days because he's too "busy," so I suddenly become too "busy" to talk to him in return. it's kind of immature, I admit, buuut at the same time...well...nevermind, I can't even think of an excuse for it. lol. ")my guess is just text her a few more times and see if she replies. if she does, great! try to make sure that you can at least say hii or ask how her day is going...girls love that stuff. buuut if she doesn't...then my suggestion would be to find someone who is a little bit more mature. if she is, indeed, just being difficult and getting back at you for not texting her and it goes on for more than a few days, then the odds are that she's either not veryy mature or just a little bit clingy.good luck, darling!God bless,~sarah~

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  • You didn't mess up. When I send a :( to the guy I like it means that I miss talking to him and hoping he will start a conversation with me.

  • Yeah you messed up by not responding to her text within a decent amount of time. She might think you're losing interest in her. If you're into a girl then you gotta do a better job at keeping up w communication especially in the earier stages when girls are a little more unsure and insecure about your feelings for them. You did good by apologizing, but maybe you should try giving her a call and seein if she'd like to hang out soon. Good luck!

  • She probably misses you and wants you to text her a few more times so she knows your still interested…seeing as though she probably thinks you were ignoring her

  • No you haven't messed up. Try contacting her once or twice and then stop...If she can't explain to you the sad face then it sounds like she's playing mind games or something. If she likes you she will get back to you soon enough

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