Guys, round or almond shaped eyes?

which do you prefer and why?

and what color? :)


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  • I've always hoped to meet a girl with eyes shaped like West Virginia. Eventually I just had to settle for one who chews tobacco.


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  • depends on how you look at that almond, from the top it looks like a normal everyday eye, look at it from the sides it looks like the most intense slanted Chinese eyes there are on this earth. hhhmm, guess I would have to go with the almond shape which changes to slanted when she laughs or squints. :P

    I like green and dark brown eyes, which almost look black.

  • I find girls with sleepy eyes (or almond?) very sexy, and I believe I would only marry a woman with that quality because of the feeling I get when I see someone with those eyes.

    Right now though, It's an open game till marriage. I'll pursue any girl, no matter what they look like, as long as they meet my standard of physical and mental attraction.

  • I'm more of an almond shape eye, and blue, or grey

  • hm I don't know I am confused between circle and triangular but I think id go with cube cause the only thing more sexy than THE woman is THE woman cubed

    color...lets see now...peachy? guys love making women peachy and if she's already peachy when you get her its a big plus ! that leaves out all the extensive foreplay so its great :D but if its not peachy then foreplay is needed cause you try going down a dry water slide :/

    seriously now, men couldn't care less about eye shape and color

  • I think Almond shaped eyes get my attention and There is no specific reason for tit , and because my eyes are dark brown I prefer blue or green eyes :)

  • No preference, just different feelings for each one. Round is cute, almond is sexy.


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  • Idk what kinda eye shape I have. . . Could someone look and tell me?

    • i think it's something between round and almond :) they are really pretty!

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    • Thank you! I wasn't sure which one it was. lol and nah tobacco is yucky!