PUERTO RICO 51st State?

Puerto Rico voters approve on referendum on statehood. Should Should Puerto Rico become a State?

I must say as a natural born Puerto Rican I've always dreamed about our island becoming a State. Is true that Puerto Rican's pay no federal taxes, only those Puerto Rican residents who are federal employees, or who do business with the federal government, Puerto Rico-based corporations that intend to send funds to the U.S., etc However, we do contribute to Social Security and Medicare.

So what are your thoughts?

Btw, I must add, I'm really excited about this! I think this time most Puerto Rican's will vote for YES! If you're Puerto Rican and disagree please share your opinion and why you thing Puerto Rico should NOT become a State.


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  • PR has had many opportunities to become a state, but they've always voted against it due to the tax issue. Obviously, if they become a state, they will start paying federal taxes.

    I'm fine with whatever they decide to do. It's just important to know that it's been PR's choice all along. Many Puerto Ricans believe (or pretend to believe) that the US has denied them statehood in some way, but that's not the case. The only people who really think that are those who think PR should be allowed to become a state without having to pay taxes like a state, and it just doesn't work that way.

    • Clap, clap, clap! You hit it right on the spot. I agree agree! It saddens me that many of my fellow Puerto Ricans think this way.

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  • Let the people's will be done ;)

  • my thoughts?... your so damn cute. lol

    • :) Thanks! Caught me off guard

  • B-B-But I thought Britain was the 51st State, because we kiss American arse all- Never mind, I see how it is! *Sulks in the corner*

  • I think it is a great idea, PR will always be better with the US than to be left behind...Imagine how many points Obama is getting with the Latino community (biggest minority in the US now) if it happens?

  • I know I am far and cannot give my opinion without bias, however I have mixed emotions about the PR statehood

    • Please, do share! I respect your opinion

  • Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I would rather have my eyes burned with acid and my ears cut off. Every PR person I've known were nothing but liars, cheaters and thief's. But that's just my opinion and before I get called racists I hear, other race's talking sh*t about white people all the time and they get away with it. So I don't feel bad at all.

    • Maybe you have heard others' talking crap about white people, but that doesn't make it okay for you to say that. That's an awful generalization and YOU should be ashamed of yourself. That is your personal experience, but that gives you zero right to be a terrible awful person!

    • Nope I don't feel bad PR's or any other race. They talk sh*t about white people all the time and no ones says anything.

  • So they are going to do a revote on it? That would be for the best. I was feeling a little uncomfortable with bringing them in when only a little over half want it. Since everyone there realizes it's a definite possibility now, they can go out and vote one way or the other. If the results remain about the same, why not bring them in?

    • Though that is an extra 3 electoral votes for Democrats as wells as 2 Democratic senators and a few congressman, which I can't say that I'm a huge fan of, but whatever. lol

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  • I have a lot of family in PR and the majority of them are for it. It's something progressive and, while some may have issues with the tax, it has great potential for growth within the states as well as PR. I, personally, hope they pass it!

  • I think it'd be awesome if Puerto Rico became a state. It basically is in away, accept they don't have all the rights that they would if they were a state. I think it makes complete sense for them to join the United States. It'd benefit them if they did, wouldn't it? And all you haters of Puerto Ricans, they won't do any more harm as a state, as they would if they stayed how they are now.

  • I support it if Puerto Rico does. However, I do like the idea of just 50 states so I think we should combine North and South Dakota into a place called... Dakota, since the population is miniscule anyway.

    • Hey, that's a great idea!

  • I don't see why Puerto Rico shouldn't be a state, but I will say I will miss saying " The United States of America has 50 states" It won't be a even number anymore!

  • no I think there should only be 50 states

  • This is actually happening? I saw another question on here about that but thought it was just hypothetical.

    • It's happening! Puerto Ricans will vote soon for Statehood! What are your thoughts?

    • Well, I can't say that I have much of an opinion, but I think it'd be cool to have another state. Plus Puerto Rico sounds awesome. If they're already paying taxes (the other post said they were) then I don't see why they shouldn't be a state if they want to be.