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What can I do for my dad to show him some gratitude?

my dad is great. I lost my job and all the savings went away so he supports me financially and emotionally. I wanna do something for him but I don't... Show More

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  • Just hug him and thank him for all he's done. Worry about a gift later when you're back on your feet. He's your dad, he's taking of you, his concern for you is helping you.Yeah, after you get back on your feet, you can buy a gift for him, something you'll know he'll really love.

  • Well, what does he like? Try to take part in something that he enjoys and just have a decent time and bond. Fishing or something like that is relatively cheap, relaxing, and just gives you some time to hang out and enjoy each others' company.Or a strip club, but that can be expensive lol.

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