Bottling everything up!

For quite awhile now since I broke up with my ex, I seem to keep everything all bottled up and sometimes I just wanna break down and cry, because personally I don't have no one I wanna share everything that's bottled up inside of me with and I don't think no one could relate too.

Can someone tell me what this means and what I should do?


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  • You need to see a therapist or talk to a family member. Most people are not going to want to hear about your problems because they believe they have problems of their own. You'll also have a tough time making friends if you're just complaining about how miserable you are. My recommendation is to find a hobby to distract you from whatever your fretting about. I promise there are hundreds of millions if not billions of people in this world who are far worse off than you are. It's just a guy. There are more guys out there. If you're just going to say that there aren't, or none like "him" then you are just being melodramatic. I can't relate to being sad, however I know I definitely get angry. The way I deal with that is I go to the gym. I either take out my frustration on a punching bag or weights. You could take up knitting or yoga or start lifting weights. Just be healthy, enjoy life, you only get one.

    • Yeah I totally understand but I don't think I could share it with anyone else, that's why it's all bottled up and I feel like I need to breakdown and hide away for days I think I need to be alone, personally he don't bother me anymore I'm over him moved on, it's just ever since we broke up I bottle a lot of things up now

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  • i do the exact same thing.. it feels terrible and you feel so helpless.. I've figured out that breaking down and crying is actually a good thing, it helps you get it out. belive it or not your mom or dad would be a good choice if you feel you don't have anyone to turn to. I know you probably think they won't care, or they'll think less of you for it, but they wont. they'll listen and comfort you because as parents they love you.

    • Yeah sometimes crying can sort it out for a few months then everything comes back up again, I don't feel right talking to my parents about it as they're always busy and working, and I don't feel comfortable sharing it with someone I know

  • Well your on here... So maybe hearing peoples opinions on your problems will help you sort through them.

    • Yeah, like I feel kinda better having people's opinions from here

  • Talk to a therapist or family member. I've never really communicated my feelings with anyone before so I don't really know what it's like to dump your emotions on someone else.

    • Yeah I understand what you mean, it's hards but I guess I just need someone their who relates and knows how I feel

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  • I know you say you don't want to talk to other people, but maybe therapy could help a bit. I had a similar issue where I had a lot of baggage after a really bad breakup, to the point where it began affecting all my other relationships. It was difficult to get myself talking - especially to a stranger - but now I really don't regret it.

    • Yeah it's hard to talk to others, I think maybe a therapist is what I need tbh