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Opinions on car themed artwork used to decorate a guy's house or apartment

Since moving out on my own I've been starting to decorate my place. There are a few pieces of artwork/ paintings that I enjoy however my main theme... Show More

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  • I got the image of my nephew's Lightning McQueen room lolIf it's just a bunch of pictures of cars hanging around, I would find it a little bland (it's not decor in that case, it's a room with pictures of cars lol). With other details, like the garage signs, it could be pretty cool. If my boyfriend had a car theme and I saw something that I thought fit into it well, I would get it for him. I like themed decor though, so I would want to help him make it work.

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  • IT might be cool. Sort of depends. I would need to see a photo of it. Chicks are not into that stuff too much but it all sort of depends. When you get married all that stuff will be shoved into the "man cave"

    • Marriage is a little far in the future for me, when that comes Ill decorate the garage lol. My friends get on me about having a car "obsession", maybe I do. But shouldn't artwork express your tastes and what you enjoy?

    • Yes, it's great to be passionate about something. IT's fine, it's part of who you are.

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  • Take a look at this stuff. This is one of the World's preeminent auto memorabilia dealers. Some of the stuff they have there is mind-blowing. Some nice artwork too: link

    • There's some nice stuff on there. Thanks for the link.

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