Guys, is this a bad sign?

there's this guy in my class who idk, he's talked to me once and seemed to be kinda interested and I was too but I've kind of messed up opportunities with guys in the past, we Haven't interacted at all since is that Because he just lost ./ doesn't have interest or would he like me to try and make a move now ? I've never been good at flirting and stuff so I just don't really know how the game goes ha ha thxx


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  • You can always make a move yourself, and every normal person translates lack of reciprocation as rejection - even girls, despite even if the real reason was shyness, social anxiety or something like that and not a a lack of interest.So, as I understand is - this guy has talked to you, seemed interest but you didn't hold the conversation, it all went to dead-end and he just disappeared?If you'll talk to him again it's 70% he'll reciprocate positively and 30% he'll reject you because he still might be spiteful after experiencing (perceived) rejection.Those are not real statistics, I took out those numbers out of thin air - simply just most of guys wouldn't let go a chance to make it happen with a girl they were interested in, or actually.. still are interested in.

    • You can write that sentence on a paper in case if you forget before speaking: "Hey - wanna go for a coffee?" saying it shouldn't be THAT hard ;)You can open with just "What's up?" and then follow-up with something else. Everyone were strangers to each other at some point, only in this way people get to know others.

    • umm, I'm kinda shy, what if I just said hey whatsup ? I don't know like we ve literally only spoken once , we're strangers I guess.

    • Just flat-out approach him the first time you see him and ask him for a coffee - it's the best what you can do - it's in your control to make it happen, do the best what you can.After you'll say it the ball will be in his court, if he'll be interested he'll accept and keep the conversation moving, if he won't be interested, he'll come up with some excuse why he gotta go or/and that he's busy today/tomorrow/forever.

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