How do you get over a breakup?

I was with the boyfriend for 6 months and he as been ignoring me for 6 weeks now. I consider this as a breakup. No call and no text. Nothing. So my question is how do I get over this? I tried calling asking him are we together or not but nothing. So I gave up and there is not fight in me to try and fight for it anymore. We had an disagreement with each other but I thought that it was squashed, but I guess not. I just want to get over it and move on because it is wrecking my brain right now because I do not know what is going on.


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  • Best way to get over it, is to start dating (casually) other people. Don't try for a new relationship yet. Spend more time with your friends, and do the things that make you happy.

    You got used to doing things as a couple. You need to rediscover what it means to be happy on your own, or with friends again. Then you'll stop thinking of him as a necessary component every time you go to do something.

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  • You might write him politely and tell him you need closure. Just a word or two of explanation. But he sounds like he's determined just to disappear. He probably took that 'disagreement' much more seriously than you did. Was it maybe about another guy in your life? That kind of thing will prompt guys to just disappear...

    • No I asked him was he talking/cheating on me with someone else because his behavior changed. He has become distant and wouldn't talk to but ue would updat his social networking sites. But we discussed the trust issues and I thought we were cool after that, but I guess not.

    • Sounds like he had something to hide!

  • six weeks with no response and you KNOW he's around town living his life?

    I say that's what I call a "weenie-style break up".

    Go hunting for a new guy! :)

  • Move on - 6 weeks is too long not to respond.

  • Do things to forget about him, after all, he clearly forgot about you.

    Get on with your life.

  • just remember that you and him aren't adam and eve. there are million and millions of more men out there. life is to short to be clinging on to one guy. especially a guy who doesn't love or care about you


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  • What I want to know, is how you allowed yourself to be ignored for 6 weeks. After ONE WEEK of no contact, I would quit contacting a person. A guy that wants you will make plans with you, call you, and follow through. 6 months is a trial period, he tried it and decided it's not what he's looking for. You don't need to talk to him to get an answer, his absence in your life and complete disregard for your feelings is your answer.

  • I actually just went through the exact same thing. Super frustrating isn't it? So I just assumed we're broken up and I'm now single since he didn't have the guts to tell me straight up that it's over. On the plus side I can feel free to date/talk to other guys and you should too. This was his (very cowardly) way of breaking up with you. If this is how he behaves after a disagreement, he's shown his true colors and now you know who he really is. You don't want to waste anymore of your precious time on him anyway. Always remember: there's only one of you and millions of them. :)

  • In time it will pass. My boyfriend of six months just broke up with me. It's been hard and I went into a fit of depression. But I just cut my hair, eat a ton of ice cream, and moved on.