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Why does he always stare but doesn't make the next move?

Ok so there is this guy in Uni who happens to stare at me all the time ..and if I notice and look back he will hold eye contact and give a small... Show More

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  • Why does he always stare but doesn't make the next move?Possibly either shy, lack of confidence, or he likes looking at you but doesn't want to date you. A guy liking the look of a gal doesn't mean he'd like to date her.What does this mean guys?Likely that he's attracted to you.What do you think is going on in his head?Likely envisioning you naked or imagining he's f*cking you.

    • I don't know about other guys, but when I see a girl in my university that I think is cute/beautiful then I've never imagined her naked or imagined that I was f#cking her.And when I think about it, it's surprising really.What's going on in my head when I see a pretty girl or a beautiful girl is that I'm thinking: "Holy smokes! She's pretty/beautiful"

    • i think you may be quite right..Though I don't know about the ans to the last question anyway :P hehe..This has been going on for a year now..His gaze is always there..and his half smile...I actually kinda like him..but if he was serious he would have asked me out..what I can't understand is if it is good for him check me out so intensely why doesn't he take the next step...thanks for the reply!

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  • a) He likes looking at you.b) Either he can't make an advance or he doesn't dare.Go and strike up a conversation. Maybe he's a nice guy.

  • He's jst shy to tell you tht he likes u, if your interested, make the first move..

  • shy/lacks confidence.

  • He seriously likes you, but doesn't want to take the next step.If he's extremely introverted, like me, then he would probably rather wanna be shot in the balls than approach you knowing that you could turn him down.And besides most guys don't know about approach signals from girls.

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  • That he is just looking at you for some reasons, but he likely won't make a next move or he is not interested to be with you.From my experience... In my situation it long for one and half a year.. And then I just asked him if he wants to be with me, he said no, but why he flirted with me this way all that long time every day at school I don't know.

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