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Is it OK for guys to be "quirky" and/or "adorkable?"

For much of my life, I have been described as having a "quirky" personality. Also, I've noticed that the term "adorkable" has been used to describe... Show More

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  • Its not a yes no thing, but generally, its -less- acceptable for men, and more likely to be a barrier in romantic relationships.

    Tons of men will actively pursue women who are cheerful, sexy and generally useless, and they'll happily marry her if they can financially afford it. Women generally want to respect guys. Some like quirky, but you probably need to offset that by being awesome in some way, and you'll be working a more limited pool of women.

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  • My man, if there's one thing that I've learned from being alive, it's this.

    If you're a good man and the world has trouble accepting you for who you are, don't f*** the personality. F***the world.

    • I agree with that!

    • How do you f*** the world then?

    • You bend it over and you thrust my friend.

      You THRUST.

  • If you mean "does it attract beautiful girls" than the answer is no. It attracts some girls, but not the lookers generally. Hate to break it to you but quirky works for pretty girls, not for men, maybe a gay man.

    No hot woman wants a "cute guy", unless he can be cute whilst being over six feet and with killer arms and abs.

    If a beautiful woman says she wants to date nerds she means a male model with glasses.

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