Why do some girls draw their eyebrows on?

And I mainly see this with Hispanic girls, why do they do it? do they not like their natural eyebrows?


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  • It's easier to shape and manipulate, but drawing them usually f***s them up. Many women fill in their eyebrows with a pencil for that reason. link

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  • I've noticed that happening with many Latinas too. They shave them off and then draw them on. I have no idea why.

  • Some people don't, some people like the look they have from it. Its a style thing. Personally, I think some girls pull it off well.

  • Thick eyebrows like this link are what's hot now. Thin brows are out. Brows define your face, they're pretty important

  • Its not just Hispanic girls, trust. They do it because strong brows are the trend these days and for whatever reason those are the type of girls you look for.

  • I have absolutely no idea.

  • some girls have very sparse eyebrows,or an unfixable shape,so they choose to draw them on instead. and some just like the look of drawn on eyebrows.

  • It's just a matter of taste and style.

  • cause they are stupid

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