How to get rid of hickeys

Well, I am a total dumbass for starters. I was playing with a suction cup hanger thing and making it stick to my forehead. It left a circle onmy forehead that looks like a hickey. How do I get rid of it?


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  • after you get a hickey you don't want go as soon as possible and cool that down. Ice (use something in between), cold water. Anything to stop the internal bleeding. This makes it allot less visible.

    After about 48 hours you want the opposite. It is healed and now you need good blood circulation to start removing the deposited hickey. Use warm water or a heat pack.

    You can at this point also try use a comb or toothbrush to firmly brush it breaking it apart making it easier to clean up. Just don't scratch your skin and make it worse.

    Until its gone you might just want to hide the hickey using makeup or something.

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      Thanks for the advice! The toothbrush thing worked well.

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      Glad I could be of help.