Why do men look away?

Pretty much all strange men I see at places initially look at me for a second, then immediately look away...what does that mean? am I hideous? on rare occasion, I will see catch one watching me, but it's usually someone much older. I only get hit on by much older men and married men. I'm no model, so I'm guessing they find me unattractive...? this pertains to men in their 30's...so not inexperienced young guys.


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  • Most people don't stare at each other out of common courtesy. It isn't always an indicator as to how attractive or not someone finds you. The men who hit on you are the ones that find you attractive as a general rule. Other men may find you attractive, but if they aren't going to approach, then you are left with the ones who are. That means if you want a different type of man other than what's been hitting on you, you need to approach men yourself.

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      Thanks. Sadly, the few men I have made the first move on turned out to be cowards. Maybe it's coincidence, but I can't bring myself to do it anymore.