Guys, could you still keep your promise?

If you're best girl friend had something to tell you one day. She makes you promise not to tell anybody, no matter what you think after she tells you. You promise, and she continues to tell you she was raped. It wasn't by her boyfriend but someone she doesn't know. She doesn't really say much except answer your questions. Would you still keep the promise you made to her?


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  • I'd be pretty shocked , but at the same time I'd feel good because I'm someone she clearly trusts to reveal that.

    And I NEVER break promises that are that serious.


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  • You can keep your promise since if she's not willing to talk about it, no one can do anything about it anyway.

    But personally, I'd give about 3 to one odds that it WAS her boyfriend. Statistics are that most rapes are by someone you know.

    • It definatley wasn't him. Should she tell him though?

  • I don't think I could. Something like that is far too serious to be kept to yourself. She would need to be taken to the doctors to get checked up and all manner of things.if she were truly my friend I wouldn't keep that secret.

  • Why would I go around and tell someone "Hey, you know that girl, she got raped by a stranger!"

    Or if I go to the police it wouldn't help since it's a stranger anyways, the girl would have to confess to make it counting. Parents... If I was worried for that girls mental health and I couldn't check up on her every day(Talk to her), I'd consider telling them.

    The girl might be feeling fine just then, but there's many cases where they experience postponed depression, which might not hit before several months later.

  • i would keep her promise... and I would comfort her and hold her.. tell her it's OK and let her know I'm there for her.

  • Yes, this is a matter of deep trust and not something you can easily tell anyone. The fact that she telling and confidin in me deeply shows the amount of trust she has for me, so I definitely would keep it to me and not let her down. Besides rape is a very senstive topic and proabably a bad experience too. So I definitely keep my mouth closed till d grave

  • I would not keep the promise. I would find out who did it and report them or kick their ass or both.

    • Why? And how would you react when she actually told you?

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    • No I mean why would you break the promise instead?

    • Because I believe in white lies.

  • yes but I would let her know if I was her boyfriend as a man that's something you can't keep to yourself when your with someone


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  • it's a really hard promise to keep and a really big burden but I would not tell. these things are so personal and it is the victim's right to keep it to herself. other people can't understand or make her choices for her. someone close to me went through it so I understand.

  • Ugh girls ask this type of question on here everyday. They sound so fake and attention seeking. Honestly, if we went by GAG about 80% of girls have been raped. I smell bullsh*t. Not trying to pick on qa but I suspect a large portion of these types of questions are fake. Just girls looking to get attention and sympathy from guys by any means possible. I'm sure I will be down voted but I'm being honest, many girls are disturbed like this and will do anything for attention, including false rape claims.

    • I think the reason this is asked so much is because the girls who've been raped haven't come to terms with it and had therapy/counseling, so they're hoping that someone out there will fight for them because they couldn't fight for themselves. They want validation and confirmation that someone out there will fight for them.

      Sometimes I do think these are made up or asked by the same person/people though

    • Yes because many of them sound so similar and repetitive. Either way, IMO looking for validation from random guys ons the internet is not a healthy way to cope if it even happened. QA if you aren't lying about this, speak to a counselor or trained professional who can actually help you