Why is my ex boyfriend sending me mean texts that accuse me of things I never did?

My boyfriend and I broke up a week ago. He constantly had a is of reasons as to why we could not hang out on weekends along with a myriad of other lame reasons as to why we should not be together anymore. For a few weeks before the break up I tried desperately to show/tell him how much I love him... Show More

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  • Some people need to justify their stupid behavior, and lying is just fine if that works as a justification for dumping you. He knows what he said is nonsense, so don't waste time arguing with him. Don't respond at all!

    • Thank you! I guess I just hurt his ego and he has to react with anger and lies. It feels like he is trying to "smoke me out of my whole" and get me to respond. I think I will find something else to do with my time :)

    • Good plan! Best answer, no?