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Can you report someone's blog if they admitted to doing something illegal on it?

If someone admitted to committing statutory rape with a teen on their blog could it be shut down and the person arrested? I came across a blog like... Show More

I meant to put this question in behavior ha ha uhg
ok according to the wordpress website terms of service he is breaking the rules if I can just get it shut down that's good enough I guess because he won't be able to promote this anymore.
I found out how to report it to wordpress so we will see what happens even if he isn't punished it would still be great for the blog post to be taken down at the very least :)

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  • Yes, if the blogger was stupid enough to post their personal details.

    From what I know, guilty people use the library method. Use a local computer library and access an anonymous computer since the ip is untraceable and library computers reformat itself when logged off.

What Guys Said 4

  • Yes if he is breaking the laws and encouraging others (which is known as incitement) you should at least report it to your authorities responsible for handling these matters.

  • I guess it depends if it is illegal where he lives.

    • it is

    • Then you can report it. Don't know if he is traceable though.

  • yes I think you should report that.

What Girls Said 1

  • I think you need to report that his website to the FBI before doing anything. He needs to be found out for what he did.

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