Chocolate as a pre-workout meal... thoughts?

Before working out yesterday I had a LOT of chocolate. A few Kit-Kat bars to be exact.

After about an hour I was itching to go run. As it turns out, I felt like I had more energy and drive going through my workout than in days past when I either went on an empty stomach or had a healthy meal.

Is this a placebo effect or is there something to chocolate and sugar in general being a good pre-workout meal?


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  • Contracting muscles use sugar as their primary fuel source, you were not experiencing a placebo. Contracting muscles can pull sugar out of the blood stream as well as stored sugars very rapidly in order to burn. While this is good, it is unwise to load up on really sweet foods prior to a workoout because it's only good for short periods of time and not long term and anytime there is a spike in your blood sugar levels isn't very good. Remember, carbs (bread, pasta, etc) are sugars chained together, you're better off consuming those for energy rather than eating copius amounts of Kit-Kat.

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      Kit kats have carbs right? You know, the wafers... Two birds... yeah.

      Good answer.