Guys, what would you think if a girl bought you a drink at the bar?

Guys, what would you think if a girl bought you a drink at the bar? What if she had the server send it over to you or would you like the boldness of her handling it with you directly / asking if she could buy you a drink? Has a girl ever bought you one and what did you think? What became / was a result of this? Thx.


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  • It has happened once or twice. I focus on them and probably buy their next drink. I take it as a sign that they want me. If they do not interest me I still usually talk to them and buy their next drink but then I find some excuse to talk to whoever I am attracted to. Although every time it has happened I have been interested.


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  • Paranoia big time. I don't look the type of guy women would buy drinks for unless they were trying to get something out of me.

  • It is nice. Usually we chat. I'll probably buy her a drink back. A couple of times we went out. Usually, the chat prove not enough in common...

    Once, she told me some guy was hitting on her, I look safe and it worked...he left. We had a nice evening, but agreed not enough to see each other...

    But I like bold women...

  • i'd be very suspicious, since women almost never buy men drinks.

    i would suspect that she is trying to distract me while her friend pickpockets my wallet.

  • I would be flattered, but at the same time suspicious. Women never buy men drinks at a bar so I would stay alert to the entire situation.

  • I had that happen, I try not to think about it.


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