What does it mean if a girl accidentally texts me instead of her boyfriend.... twice in 2 days. Am I on her mind?

Went to grab a drink with a girl who has a boyfriend and she accidentally texted me to ask her boyfriend something when she was in the bathroom. The next morning she texted me to thank her boyfriend for something too. Am I on her mind or something? She is immensely attractive and likes to flirt (like jokingly showing some thigh or making some sexual motions/posses) and play it off like we are always just joking... a little dirty note here and there... she's also really nice so it makes it hard to read. Thanks

The jokingly showing me some high thigh to get me to feel better some days should have been a give away I think haha. She doesn't do that with other guys I wouldn't think. I think that's her letting me get a visual, she knows she is hot as hell, maybe she just wants me to like her just because, not because she wants to be with me. Don't girls do that?
Would really like some girls opinions, I feel I have a better grasp than most guys... no offense


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  • It happens, this one time I was at dinner with a group of friends and this girl started touching my d*** under the table with her legs thinking I was her boyfriend. But the funny thing is he was sitting next to her and I was sitting across from her so not sure how she could mess that up that badly ;).

    It happens though, I've texted the wrong people before. My boss texts me a lot for work related stuff so I'm always really careful not to text her "hey do you wanna go do drugs etc" on accident.


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  • It's a ploy. The 'Oops that was meant for someone else" or "oh sorry who did I just call?" just to get you thinking of her.

  • my daughter had a boyfriend who did this when he was dating another girl right before her when they were just friends and later admitted he'd done it on purpose so he'd be on her mind or some other lame reason he gave when really he was just playing games.

    I"m gonna go with on purpose lol cause girls are way worse about playing little games than boys are ... just sayin'


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  • Probably, but why are you having drinks with someone who has a boyfriend?

    • We were out with friends. It wasn't one on one. The "thanks boo boo" text this morning is what put up a red flag. I feel she meant to text her boyfriend but I must have been on her mind both times...