How many calories do I approx burn while running 6miles?

I'm a 19 year old female 5'7 and 120 pounds. Does anyone know how many calories I would approx burn if I run 6 miles in 50min?

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  • Running, believe it or not, uses the body's energy in a different way. The leg muscles has tons of stored energy, your body burns that first, and then it starts using fat as energy. If you run too much, your body can bypass fat and use muscle instead as energy. This is why you shouldn't run for a very long time.

    6 miles run? that is around 500-600 calories

    6 miles run with a metabolic enhancer (green tea, coffee, orange juice) is about 1000 calories

    • Do you need to drink it before you go running? Because I always go running straight out of my bed.

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    • And I actually wouldn't mind losing some muscle especially at my legs they are way to bulky...

    • No lol, you are better off building more leg muscle than lose it. Muscle keeps your skin and fat tissues very tight. If you lose some leg muscles, you will get flabby legs, which is way worse than having bulky legs.