Is it douchey for a college student to wear burberry dress shirts/ sportshirts?

they're like 150 dollars but they fit me better than other shirts. my mom thinks other kids will think I'm spoiled and at work (internship) other workers will be angry? that I ' m wearing expensive stuff they can't afford.

i mean it looks really good on me. what do you think. thanks?


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  • Not douchey.

    It's rather sad. You have too much money to waste. It is spoiled and sounds like you don't know the value of money. Proper term is pretentious.

    Purchase $50.00 shirts and donate the rest. A 50 dollar shirt is still very very nice.

    After all it is the holiday season, Find one of those bell ringers and throw some money in the pot.

    On the other hand if you are going to be a lawyer, politician or doctor I guess it's par for the course.

    I suggest you volunteer at a meal service center for the underprivileged.


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  • Wear whatever you want, nobody should care.

    Personally, I'm not into designer clothing because it does look pompous and shallow, but other peoples' personal opinions should not effect the way you dress.

  • Remove any blatently visible labels so it doen't look like you're flashing a brand and no one will know anyway.

  • I don't have any problems with it. If they care they are just jealous or shallow. Its like that for me and designer shoes. I cared at first, but I like them and that is why I bought them. So if they don't like it that is their opinion and to be honest I don't want to hang around people that would judge me so shallowly that they would be really affected by it. If you can afford it go for it, just don't bankrupt yourself.

  • I don't see what's wrong with it, if it's what fits you well and looks nice there's no problem. If people judge you based on what you wear (whether it's Burberry or Target) THEY'RE the shallow ones, not you. But hey, if you are rolling in cash, there are tons of good charities you could donate to. No chance of being called a douche then!(:

  • Its not as expensive as you think.Many guys have and wear it and none of people hate them.You sound like a cocky dude who crave for attention.If you are handsome you will look good in whatever you wear but I guess you don't even look like any male celebs.So you won't look good in whatever you wear.Change your personality.

  • If you can afford it, go for it. Who cares if people judge you, when you are comfortable in the clothes and know they look great on you. To be fair, I probably wouldn't even know what brand they were... However If you go telling everyone without prompting 'look at my Burberry' then that's douchey.

  • If I knew also how hard you work to earn money for these shirts than I'd probably like 'em on you.

  • What about one of those t-shirts that has green paper money printed all over it. Usually you see gangster wanna be's wearing them.

    Same difference.

    It's shallow.

  • I would find it a bit douchy yes, only because its totally unnecessary to spend 150$ on a simple shirt. You can find ones that fit as well for much less. It might be okay but only if they don't have obvious logos and brand patterns spread all over them. Those are a definite turn off

  • If that's what you like then go for it.

    But I'm not impressed by it. I'm more likely to be put off by a guy that wears a lot of designer clothing and he's more likely to be put off by me since I go thrifting and wear inexpensive clothing like Walmart, Target, and Forever21.


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  • Wear what you like.

    I'll note that you can get hong kong tailored made to measure shirts for under half that.

    I own about 20 dress shirts. I think three are off the rack (though all have been taken in by a tailor).

    Off the rack shirts only fit you if you're fat. Assume everything needs to be tailored.

  • Imo I don't think it's douchy at all. There's nothing wrong with wearing clothes that fit you well. 8-)

  • There's nothing wrong with a well-dressed man as long as he acts like a man. Burberry makes some fantastic clothing. Walk into the room with a friendly demeanor and you'll have no problem making relationships of the platonic kind, and possibly more.

  • It's not douchlike but it probably won't impress anyone either. I'm a straight guy and I wouldn't notice what brand other guys wear. Unless you make it a point to flaunt it and shove the fact that you're wearing a $150 shirt in other peoples faces, it's not a big deal.

  • Guys that notice are gay and or have good taste. The girls that notice appreciate good taste and a well dressed man. I see nothing wrong with dressing nice as long as it is toned down as less is more.