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Am I reading into something?

So I met this awesome guy about a month ago, everything is going awesome. Tonight, he asked to borrow car to run errands, he is not answering cell... Show More

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  • If you trust him enough to let him borrow your car, then he probably just hasn't checked his phone.

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  • I'd assume he has the stereo basting and doesn't hear the phone like an average guy.

    • or cell phone battery empty or cell phone off...

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    • lol, guess he had to deliver a few beers to his belly. =P Don't sound to hot. Borrow someone else's car and go and get drunk. ha! That's a pretty bad move.

    • I understand he has friends, but why tell me that you are going to run errands? I had to call the bar to find out where you are and you tell me your phone was in car...come on..really?

What Girls Said 2

  • He was using you

  • He is going Christmas shopping leave him alone. If he doesn't bring the car back by tomorrow call 911.

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