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Children who kill/murder folks?

What do you think of children who murder/kill other human beings... Great kids huh? I guess this is what happens when you... Show More

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  • The most f***ed up one was the two kids that lured the 3 year old out and tortured him then killedh I'm for no reason whatsoever. That's like baseline psycho, it's scary.

    But I mean those kids are obviously mentally f***ed up, personally I wouldn't see them leave the asylum, I'm not for punishing them and hardening them. Just treating them for their mental illness and being humane to them, yet not letting them out into society until they are 100% fully normal and functionnal, which most of them might never be...

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  • They're deeply disturbed. However, that doesn't make what they did right.

  • It's mainly because of an underlying mental illness. Kids who suffer from mental illness lose contact with reality and kill without any remorse. But kids kill for different reasons though, there are kids who kill to escape abuse, and kids who kill for selfish reasons (like a girl murdering her parents because they forced her to cut off contact with her boyfriend). Same goes for parents who kill their children.

  • There was story recently of this kid who killed his father who was a neo Nazi. I won't lie, I didn't feel all that sorry for the father...but generally, these kids need intensive care. Jail will only harden them further

    • Yes, I think I linked that story

    • ahh, my bad

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  • I think they're incredibly interesting and terrifying. Each case needs to be handled individually. I'd love to give a blanket ban on all child murderers - "Lock 'em up and throw away the key!" - but we all know that's not true for EVERYONE. Nothing is black and white. I don't think you can compare a Lizzie Borden or Menendez to a Mary Bell.

  • i thin bad things has happened to the in the past. If you look at some of the most notorious serial killers most of them have had a bad childhood. That doesn't make you a killer but some are stronger then other and can move passed bad experiences and focus on a brighter future for themselves and other doesn't have that ability. But I don't think they should get any special treatments cause they are under 18, they are still old enough to know that if you stab someone with a knife they can die.

  • They are all deeply disturbed. A lot of these stories are scary and it kind I makes me sick to my stomach.


    1) angry/grudges

    2) mental illness

    3) a combo of the both

    We don't know any of their life stories, so it's kind of hard to state an actual reason. Whatever the reason is, it's disturbing what all of them did

    Especially the 13 year old who killed a 2 year old

    I hope she rots in jail

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