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When you see people of the same gender, do you automatically compare them?

So I'm the only girl at work at the moment, and we're looking to hire another. I was really excited but then my mom said that when the other girl... Show More

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  • Oops...guilty. Recently got hired as a server and saw the other girls and thought, "Man, I am the best looking one." That sounds so conceited ha ha smh.

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  • i usually think of which one is the cool one not the pretty one.

  • off course lol...everybody has classifications of people: The Lesbo, the Whore, The out of my league girl, the cool chick, the shy girl, the cool guy, the arrogant d***, the cool guy, the virgin lmao...i mean who doesn't? I know with my coworkers and friends we do it for jays and just laugh about it. I know everybody else does it lol. I know I am probably the annoying guy lol

  • Sticking with the idea here that everyone is an individual, I won't be comparing anyone to anyone, not myself or a complete stranger or my best friend. Unless I am specifically asked to do so then I'll give my honest opinion on the subject, but I don't do so outside those situations as I just don't see the point.

  • I do unless they're both ugly.

  • do you work at some kinda gender comparing company? I don't think so. so why don't you just do your job. you are creating a problem when its not even there yet. and tell your mom to take a parenting class or something.

  • Oh mother.

    It's more like making an observation. Whether she's prettier or uglier, that's just how it is. You're not gonna prevent people from making that observation. Will it effect your hours? Hopefully not.

    • Great answer!

  • Perhaps quickly in the moment, but not necessarily.

What Girls Said 7

  • No, I don't really do that.

  • Wow that is such great advice from a parent I always say... (sarcasm) .

    But I don't compare them, everyone has a charm.

  • I don't do that but I am sure many people do especially in a situation like yours where there is only two of you and the rest are the opposite gender. I see people as individuals having many things to offer.

  • Well I do.

    • Stop being a wimp and hiding behind anon, both of you. If you're going to say something, be enough of a person to stand by what you have to say.

    • No.

  • I don't consciously compare people's looks to each other like that, but I'm sure it happens. What I'm more likely to doing is comparing the two people's personalities compare to those of other people I have met in the past.

    It's a social psychology concept that people typically automatically categorize others like that. Some info can be found by searching: psychology categorize people.

    So maybe that's what your mom was referring to? That people will meet you two and categorize you and you'll be in different, opposing categories. Tho really what's to stop people from meeting you and thinking you're both awesome?

  • Why would your mom ever make such a comment?

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