Why do girls call me "mama" ? why do they use that word instead of my name?

i feel like mama is associated with fat girls, are they calling me obese? like when you playfully greet someone "hey mama how are u?" or hi "mammi" it really aggrivates me and I feel like a obese fatty afterwards.


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  • Its associated with either black/Hispanic girls or fat girls. I can't explain why people people call you that but I wouldn't. I don't blame you for being annoyed by it, but I don't necessarily think they're doing it to insult you.

    • thanks, yea I figured. just makes me feel self conscious. its ghetto and not classy you know? I'm gonna lose weight =[


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  • Of course they could just consider you as somewhat of a motherly figure, you know, one in whose presence you feel safer than normal, you might have given them advice on different things that they feel are more mature etc.

    • not really I don't talk to them much

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  • i heard many say that to women who are mothers, their friends not their kids ofcourse. And also many Latinas call their female friends mama and they call their guy friends papi. But the ones I have heard has said it to women of all sizes. Its just something friends say, I call my friends bitch all the time and so do they doesn't mean we think we are bitches.

    • good point. I just feel old/ fat when they say that.

    • Don't feel that way :)