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Can you be a mix of body types?

Apples are said to have large busts and a flat butt, but what if your butt is round and not flat, are you still an apple or can you be an apple pear... Show More

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  • link not even all apples look the same,you can't expect every woman to fall into 3-4 categories,you don't have to label your body.

What Guys Said 3

  • Of course. Those "shapes" are just generalizations, and in the real world, many women fall outside those few general shapes.

  • Yes. You should look up/google a book called "The Body Shape Bible". It explains the variation in body types.

  • Idk but my right arm is A LOT stronger than my left arm.

What Girls Said 5

  • Lol those are general shapes

    Too many people in the world to have them all fit perfectly into a category

  • It COULD be that you're an actual human and not a fruit :)

  • I don't think it has much to do with being a mix of a body type as much as the "types" are a general guideline.

  • sounds a bit more like a hourglass shape. There are more body types then just apple and pear. :)

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