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What does it mean if a guy licks your face?

I have a question what does it mean when a guy licks your face out of the blue not like one time but a few times and you don't know what to do . So... Show More

I like him and he knows I like him. But to be honest I don't know what I am or what to say or do in respond to that. Also I guess he's a friend were still getting to know each other. But yeah

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  • hahaha. this is a cute happening. that is all hahah

    minds me of if aliens came to periscope out their spaceship at us, like that O Canada cartoon ( link they'd flip testes over this question - it is extremely cute, I am sorry. nothing bad with you or in what I'm saying.

    it's just Classic Earth Stuff. go on.

    • i think he likes you

    • plus a ).

      very cute happening / cute phrasing. I think he likes you =D

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  • My male friends have been known to do it when drunk because they know it annoys the crap out of me as I have to fix my makeup after them

  • He's just in a playful mood, or at least that been the case any time I've seen it.

  • That is funny! lol and gross!

    I can't think of anything other than he likes you... or maybe he is just weird?

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