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Did you meet your significant other with the help of alcohol?

I met my girlfriend at a concert after downing a few cold beverages. I'm interested in knowing if many of the GAG readers met their SO with alcohol... Show More

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  • I have met many great guys that had the potential of turning into something good but because of alcohol I missed the opportunity. Usually, I get distracted and go dance with friends or just babble away to someone in the ladies room for too long so he thinks I abandoned him or I just wonder off and start babbling away to someone who also happens to be a guy so the great guy thinks I found someone I like better but I just really like to talk to people when I am drunk. Talk about a social drunk. Oh well, I have an amazing guy now. We do like to hang out and down a couple beers together now and then but no alcohol was involved in our meeting each other.

What Girls Said 18

  • I met my husband when I was 10 and in grade school

  • The help of school :)

  • Nope! I met him before either of us was old enough to drink.

  • I met my boyfriend with the help of the ocean.

  • I clicked yes, but it's sort of between the two.

    I met him completely sober, however I asked him out after having a glass of wine for courage! He was first boyfriend, the first person I'd ever asked and I was terrified he was going to laugh and say no. So.. he became my SO with help of booze :P

  • No,not really.

  • Yeap both heavily under the influence of alcohol but then 90% of Irish couples have met exactly the same way.

  • No I meant my guy of almost 5 years at the gym. He doesn't drink but I enjoy a drink once in awhile.

  • met with the help of online dating

  • Thanks for asking this! I was going to ask something similar, but oh what do you know ran out due to the 3?s/day thing. I met the guy I am kind of talking to in my fave bar and I was very intoxicated. I was just curious if anyone had much success being drunk and meeting someone/having it actually work out.

  • I think I have either met or had first relationship type encounters with all my previous significant others under the influence hahaha

  • The gym and social networking. Hahaha. Alcohol was involved in our first date though!

  • I meet my boyfiend when he was working at my local corner shop, so it proves you never know where you are going to meet your significant other

  • Yes alcohol was present but I wouldn't exactly call it helpful ;)

  • No. Met through friends

  • I don't really drink so that would be a no

  • I met my boyfriend at a bar and I was pretty wasted. Not proud of it but it's been a year and a half and still going strong :)

What Guys Said 5

  • No, in fact, it started at the soda vending machine LoL (true!)

  • In a roundabout way, our first date was at a wine bar, We each had 2 glasses of wine and talked for over 4 hours.

  • Not exactly, we knew each other through school, and had actually went to our school formal together as friends, however, the reason we finally got together was when we were at uni, we were on the same floor in our accommodation, and I, under the influence of a significant amount of alcohol, decided to go to her room and explain to her how I felt about her.

    So, I knew her before either of us drank, but we got together because of alcohol.

  • I met my most recent ex, completely sober. She was my sister's friend. :)

  • No that's the old way of meeting people, I met her on the internet! (It wasn't a dating site though, I was just looking for friends)

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