Did you meet your significant other with the help of alcohol?

I met my girlfriend at a concert after downing a few cold beverages. I'm interested in knowing if many of the GAG readers met their SO with alcohol involved.

PS this isn't aimed to be a negative thread if it gives that impression. I do welcome any feedback on user's opinions about meeting your SO

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  • I have met many great guys that had the potential of turning into something good but because of alcohol I missed the opportunity. Usually, I get distracted and go dance with friends or just babble away to someone in the ladies room for too long so he thinks I abandoned him or I just wonder off and start babbling away to someone who also happens to be a guy so the great guy thinks I found someone I like better but I just really like to talk to people when I am drunk. Talk about a social drunk. Oh well, I have an amazing guy now. We do like to hang out and down a couple beers together now and then but no alcohol was involved in our meeting each other.