What fruit do you think tastes good in a salad?(not a fruit salad)

I've triedd grapes, apples, pineapple, pear and pomegranate in salad. Have you tried any cool combos of veggies and fruit mixed in salads?


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  • apple, strawberries, pear, avocado, tangerine...all good in a salad.

    If you chop up pears and apples into sticks, thinner then mcdonald fries, and put lemon juice on them (possibly even soaking them in lemon juice) and then in a salad it tastes good...at least that's what I think it was, I had it at my aunts house years ago, might have been a lemon/lime juice mix.

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  • apples, grapes, rasins, walnuts, tangerines (and warm goat cheese with a drop of honey)

  • A salad with green apple and goat cheese is hard to beat.

  • I don't eat many fruits in my garden salads, but citrus is a common one, either by replacing the vinegar with citrus juices like lemon or orange or by having mandarin oranges in the actually salad. Sliced strawberries is also pretty common. Things like sliced apples and cranberries are kind of common as well.

    • strawberries... hmmm never tried that. I just had a pear and chocolate tart it was so good :D

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    • hmm avocado I've tried. I'm not a big fan of it I duno tastes like slime to me

    • That's because you're over there on that island across the pound. Some avocados suck and others are great. You just need to get the right kinds. =D

  • Try mandarin ornages with a good Italian vinaigrette dressing

  • Tomato (yes, it's a fruit) and avocado

    • i don't like tomatoes bleugh

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  • Pomegranate is my favorite

    • You like seeds huh, you old bird... =P

    • Meh seeds and nuts. Bahahahaha :P

  • tomato and avocado, with pomegranate seeds as well (though I would watch out if your name was Persephone) (har har nerd joke ^-^)

  • Wendy's had a strawberry, blueberry, chicken, almond salad with raspberry dressing which was really really old :)

  • I've tried mandarin orange, dried cranberries, or raisins.

  • Dried cranberries are pretty good. Also golden raisins (dehydrated, not sun-dried, Thomson grapes) are good as well.

    • im not a big fan of raisins ...bleurgh

    • I'm not either but golden raisins are really good.

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