Do you really think people can realize their feelings through distance?

If a guy doesn't think he has romantic feelings for a girl and then she leaves his life, do you think that can make someone realize they have feelings? I'm just trying to understand if "absence makes the heart grow fonder"


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  • i can't speak for everyone but distance has definitely made me realize that I care about a guy more than I thought I did.

    • Thanks for commenting :)

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  • Well, I tried that literally once with my first wife: She stood at the end of the Croydon Flyover, and I sat at a pub lower down... She proceeded to realize her feelings and shot me with a crossbow.

  • I've wondered the same thing but never been through it. When they leave I usually know what I think about the women, but I really don't know what they're thinking until the last minute. Do I miss some of them? Of course I have.


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  • I'm currently testing it. I decided to take a break with my boyfriend because he takes me for granted a lot. I want to see if a bit of distance might make him realize my importance to him. Tell me if you are interested in the results... :)

    • It also did make me realize how much he matters to me, and how much I want him close to me >.<

    • Yes, please let me know how it goes. My boyfriend just broke up with me and I want him to miss me :(

    • I'll have to tell you after 2 weeks >.< I'm so anxious oh god...

      add me as a friend :) and please do remind me :D