How can I save her from what's to come?

There's this guy in my school that likes a girl that I like, and they have been talking a lot and that's not what bugs me, what bugs me is that this guy is a super pothead that sucked a dudes d*** no lie and only wants sex, I am unfortunately the shy type around this girl but I really don't want to see such a sweet girl fall into this... Any idea on how I can actually talk to her and hopefully rethink this?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I definitely agree with the others and make yourself the one she wants to talk to. Talk to her, show her how much better you are than that other douche bag.

    You're in a difficult position also because if you tell her that he is no good then she might just think you are jealous and not believe you and she wil find out the hard way.. but I think it is better that you warn her, politely, that he isn't a decent guy.

    Inevitably it is her problem, but if she is a smart girl she will at least listen to your warning and keep it in mind and hopefully figure it out for herself before she does anything stupid.