I like this girl but she acts awkward around me?

I try to talk to her but she just seems stuttery and awkward, or barely says anything. she's been nice to me before at least. I wonder if she dislikes me but then she doesn't try to get away from me or anything. She doesn't flirt with me either though. I don't know if I should keep trying or what.


Most Helpful Girl

  • From what you describe, it sounds like she is just shy. I'm like that too. Does she look away from you or at the floor, blushes, ony says like 3 or 5 words in a sentence, that kind of thing? For some girls, including myself, it's just hard to get up the confidence to look a guy (especially a guy we like) in the face and flirt so boldy. I think she does like you, especially if she doesn't run away or avoid you. also, she just may not know how to flirt. Be patient and nice, try to let her know you want to get to know her and maybe even tell her straight out that she shouldn't be afraid to look you in the eye because you already think she's beautiful, that kind of sappy stuff ;)