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Do I have to buy a specific DVD player to play Blu Ray DVDs?

I really want to buy a blu ray DVD but since I never buy dvds in general I'm wondering if I need to buy a specific DVD player to play blu ray DVDs.

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  • You can play both blu rays and dvds on blu ray players. You can only play dvds on dvd players.

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  • 1.Blu ray players-Play blu ray DVD & Regular DVD'S.2.HD Player-Plays Hd & regular dvd's.3.Regular player-OnlyPlays regular dvd's.So you have to buy a Blu ray player to play blu ray discs.A few top quality blu ray players are-1.Sony PS3 super slim> $259.96-$289.2.Panasonic DMP-BDT220>$99.99-$149.99.3.Sony BDP-S590>$98.00-$148.00.4.LG BP620>$99.00-$140.95.

  • Yeah you need a Bly ray player to play those ones. I think you can find a Blu ray player around 60 dollars now

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  • Yes, you need a Blu-Ray player. We got ours built into a PS3.

  • I have a Sony blue ray player and a ps3

  • In order to play a Blu ray movie, you need to buy either a Blu ray player or a PS3. Both play Blu Ray and regular DVDs.

  • You need a blu-ray player. They aren't that expensive and some of them have cool features like netflix and such

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