When a song of fire and ice is finished, who do you think will sit on the iron throne?

I think it will be Jon Snow... what about you? and who do you think deserves it the most?


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  • what this from?

  • Have you finished A Dance With Dragons? Because I don't wanna give out any spoilers if you haven't D: I personally think they will all be overrun by wights though.

  • I think it will be Frank Burns.

    • Accepto my requesto?

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    It shall be I who sits upon the Iron Throne, and surely then thrust a mighty turd into the thorny, heaving sea. We'll not slump gently into the gilded fray, but shall rage, rage, against the machine, ever-assured of victory's gilded leash. Starbucks; 11:30 sharp!

  • I don't think the Seven Kingdoms will be reunified by the end of the series. Each kingdom will have its own ruler and the Iron Throne will be meaningless.

  • Danaerys and Jon Snow are probably going to wind up hooking up, assuming he survives his most recent set of problems (don't want to spoil anything). So probably the two of them.

    • Isn't she inbred though?

  • Me

    • And I shall be at your right hand with a legion of stalwarts (and perhaps a cushion)!

  • That chick with the dragons... forget her name...