What do you think about men who shave their armpits?

i go to gym. some men don't have armpits hair. so I shave too. what do you think?


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  • awesome just keep shaving

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  • I rather a guy with shaved armpits...than a guy who looks like he is growing a forest under his arms.

    I like a guy with shaved/trimmed armpits.

    If the guy has hair under it (and it isn't wild) then that's fine too.

  • If they're a competitive swimmer, then I see no issue with it.

  • It's sort of a feminine act so unless it was for a specific sport, like swimming, I'd think it a bit odd. I like masculinity, men have hair, it's part of being a man, I'm OK with that.

  • Kinda weird to me, not really a turn-on, nor turn-off. But I prefer men with body hair. But, they can do what they want! It's their body.

    • no problem, I actually kind of like it

    • You respond to the question asker then :)

    • You should*

      Sorry that sounded kind of rude with that typo ._.

  • Personally, I prefer it when guys keep their body hair. However, it's your personal choice what to do with your own body.

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  • I figger they pee sitting down

  • I started trimming mine when I was, idk, mid-late 20's. Someone told me it radically cut down on smell. They were correct. Magically, 24 hour deodorant actually works for 24 hours.

    The hair is probably there specifically to absorb and slowly release odor so we can recognize each others' scent as we wander the savannah.

  • You shave to, because some other men at the gym don't have armpit hair? I think that's sort of tag along behavior... I really don't understand why men would shave their pits. Seems kind of unnecessary, and feminine to me. Women save body hair and try to be smooth and soft. Men are usually a little rough around the edges and hard. That's why you're going to the gym right? To get big and strong, hard and chiseled, not to get an avocado facial and your nails done... =S

  • I think they should have been born a woman. If your going to act like one then might as well be 1.

  • Kinda gay