What do you think about men who shave their armpits?

i go to gym. some men don't have armpits hair. so I shave too. what do you think?


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  • awesome just keep shaving

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  • Doesn't bother me

    • really? I still care what people think about it

  • Mixed opinions. It looks masculine and all, but don't come near me with all that pubic hair..looks like a jungle.

  • My boyfriend shaves but leaves a "soul-patch" right in the middle and keeps it short. He told me it's a European thing. I have no opinion either way, just as long as it's not a jungle under there :P To each their own.

  • I like :)

  • No way. I like men with hair. It's manly and sexy.

  • Its better when you shave them. I don't think its something girly.

  • I have always thought that was weird. I don't want a guy who's girlie and cares about shaving themselves like girls do.

  • Go for it.

  • I don't mind it

  • Idk.. trimming would be better for my taste... Otherwise it's a little too feminine... Body hair on a guy is attractive for me.. but not excessively!

  • It's nice not to have smelly hairs near my face if I'm trying to cuddle with my face on his chest...

  • I think it's kind of weird to totally shave it. A trim is good but totally shaved off might seem odd to me, but not sure.

  • I don't mind.They're your armpits. :)

  • I think it would be a great thing, since I don't really care for hair, A trim would also be good but I'd actually prefer there to be no or little hair with armpits... I'd only see it as gay if you started shaving your legs not with your armpits. Though I know most guys don't shave so I'm not saying it would repulse me if they didn't shave/trim just that I'd prefer if they did.

  • I don't mind it..I prefer it over a really hairy armpit any day lol...trimmed is good too

  • Gay? Odd? I think it is a good thing to do.It means cleaning not acting like a woman, everyone shave ! I mean hair armpit brings bad smell, bad smell is disgusting, I find it disgusting in my own self then how about in a man?Look if you have hairy arms, that is fine, hairy legs that's fine but hairy armpits? You will Smell bad.

  • i wouldn't mind it but I would find it odd yes.

  • i don't think it's necessary, but I wouldn't be like grossed out by it or anything

  • It wouldn't be a deal breaker, but it would be odd.

  • Trimming is good. What do I think about men who shave their armpits. It does not bother me if they have hair or not. That is their hair.

  • I actually like armpit hair on a man but if he is happy with shaving it then I don't have a problem, I'd like it either way.

  • kinda odd but you can do what ever you want

  • I don't care either way. Do what you like, it's your hair.:)

  • I prefer men with hair

  • please do it! nothing is more gross and a turn off than seeing hairy pits on a guy

  • That you're in between being metrosexual and being homosexual lol.. why not just trim your armpits? And don't shave down there either.. Trim it/ groom it.. But stubbles a ren't cute on a guy it doesn't make your junk look bigger.. It looks like your sleazy like dudes in p*rno's..

  • You shave because other men don't have arm pit hair... I think you're more of a follower. Anyway, I like my man to have armpit hair. He has no need to shave them. If you want less hair, trim the f***ers.

    • hahahhaha, we agreed on the followers thing :D (comment below)high five

  • I don't mind :) proberly smell better

  • I would think I'm looking at a 12 year old boy who's balls haven't dropped yet.

  • Like it! Don't stop there...

    • Actually the chest hair and belly hair should be man scaped but not shaved.

    • I think everything but arms and legs. That hair is sexy! Down below...smooth is nice!

    • Where should we stop; if anywhere? Dan

  • I really don't care. Shaving to me is inconsequential. If a guy shaved his armpits, I'd think it a little odd, because I have not encountered a guy who does, but I don't think it would cross my mind for but a moment. Hairless is fine, and so is hairy, though hairy armpits seem manly to me! (Which I like..)But again, it depends on the girl.

  • I think its great, lol. To be honest I'm not sure if I can deal with hairy pits lol! Especially when sweaty lol!

  • I don't like the fact that you shaved because others do, I don't like followers.I am okay with a guy without armpit hair if that is what he feels comfortable with. I prefer men with armpit hair because it feels more manly.

    • actually its not that tho..i feel confortable

    • cuz we're unique :D

    • Haha, yes. xD - I didn't see your answer

  • ...that he participates in some type of racing sport in which he must shave his armpits to be more aerodynamic...isn't that what everyone else thinks? o.O

  • I rather a guy with shaved armpits...than a guy who looks like he is growing a forest under his arms.I like a guy with shaved/trimmed armpits.If the guy has hair under it (and it isn't wild) then that's fine too.

  • Yay ^_^ I think hairy armpits are kinda gross lol especially if it's sweaty ugh

    • thats what I thought lol hairy armpits would smell bad

  • Don't really care, but having a little hair would be nice :)

  • I have never seen a guy that doesn't have armpit hair so I don't know how I would feel but I think I would be okay with it.

  • very weird... for me anyway

  • I like it, it shows you're clean.

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  • I started trimming mine when I was, idk, mid-late 20's. Someone told me it radically cut down on smell. They were correct. Magically, 24 hour deodorant actually works for 24 hours.The hair is probably there specifically to absorb and slowly release odor so we can recognize each others' scent as we wander the savannah.

  • I figger they pee sitting down

  • You shave to, because some other men at the gym don't have armpit hair? I think that's sort of tag along behavior... I really don't understand why men would shave their pits. Seems kind of unnecessary, and feminine to me. Women save body hair and try to be smooth and soft. Men are usually a little rough around the edges and hard. That's why you're going to the gym right? To get big and strong, hard and chiseled, not to get an avocado facial and your nails done... =S

    • hahahah

  • I think they should have been born a woman. If your going to act like one then might as well be 1.

  • Kinda gay