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How do you feel about getting nails done?

Ladies, do you get pampered and have your nails done (manicure, pedicure, acrylic)? How often do you get them done? If you've never had your nails... Show More

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  • I do mine myself. My nails are fairly long so I bought a french tips pen and some clear polish. I like the way it looks:) Aaaand it was only like $7. So I save LOTS of money. I took a picture of a ring I got for my birthday, so my nails are in it, too. link

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  • I get acrylics done... I try to get my nails done every month or as I feel I need to get them done... I like the long stilleto nails or the short square but it depends on what im feeling

  • I get gel nails for special occasions and do it myself for everyday wear. I've never had a pedicure though but might try it one time. I've had acrylics and they can ruin nails. Gel nails are better for your nails.

  • I only do it for special occasions, I don't like painting them that much; after the nail begins to grow and the paint chips it just looks ugly, so I prefer doing nothing to them but cutting them.

  • With my fingers I do the nails myselfIn the summer I get a pedicure maybe every 2 or so weeks

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