Would you rather: Sleep alone every night or sleep with someone else and be totally uncomfortable?

Would you rather: Sleep alone every night or sleep with someone else and be totally uncomfortable?


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  • Buy a bigger bed... xDSeriously though. If by "sleep" you mean having sex with someone you do not quite like, then I would quite honestly do it and be a bit uncomfortable, rather than not getting it at all and be horny. You do not have good judgement when you are horny. And you need good judgement to find a good match.If you meant the actual act of sleeping on the other hand, I would say... Just buy a bigger bed... Or ask him to leave or sleep on the couch. :)

    • I'm asking you your opinion, not looking for advice. thanks

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    • what is your answer then?

    • Sleep alone. And it looks like everyone else has the same preference. Interesting.

What Guys Said 10

  • Sleep alone

  • Alone. I move around a lot in my sleep.

  • Alone, my bed is too comfy to share. :(

  • "alone"

  • Depends on the situation. Are you married with children?Perhaps a counselor can help open the lines of communication.Good luck

    • uh...that was a question for you.

    • Ah.. I would say then - Sleep alone with my dog...

  • Im fine with my pillow and left hand.

  • even if I sleep next to someone and totally confortable with it I still wanna sleep alone. I need my space!

  • id rather sleep alone cause I can't fall asleep unless the music is blasting on my headphones

  • I don't sleep cause sleep is the cousin of death

  • I would rather sleep comfortably with my sweetheart.

    • not an option

    • Is for me.

    • obtuse

What Girls Said 9

  • Sleep alone. I like my personal space. I would only want to sleep with someone else if I was totally comfortable with them.

  • I have to sleep alone, unless I am in a CA king size bed. I am very restless sleeper, I am all over the place.

  • Sleep alone, I've been doing it for so long now!

  • alone. id rather be comfy than un comfy.

  • It depends, is it cold if so then if rather be uncomfortable with some one else than cold and still uncomfortable

  • Sleeping alone is much better for me, because when I m sleeping I don't really stay still. That's kinda irritating the partner.

  • sleep alone! ha ha seriously awkwardness is not fun :O

  • Sleep with someone

  • I'd rather sleep alone. I'd be way too aware of the other person to sleep.