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Supermarkets in India-An evolutionary idea?

Hey Friends,Indian government going to launch FDI in Retail.Will it change current Indian scenario with respect to


2.Standards of Goods,

3.Prices of Goods.

4.Indian Economy

Will FDI in India increase or stabilise value of Indian currency in international market.Now its 56 against 1$ Of US.


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  • The whole India economy is based on small businesses many are home based businesses and supermarkets just and will initially create massive unemployment and greater dependency on convenience. So it is a very difficult issue to resolve unless India follows some ideas already implemented in China. India on the other hand is much more traditionalist and cast base society which Chine is not. People displacement may cause some frictions and other real tangible issues issues


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  • If its anything that is government ruled and regulated, then its not good.

  • FDI?Fundamental Discordance Infusion?

    • Foreign Direct Investment.

    • thx man :).

      Question is really tough. My answer is yes definitely. How? I'm not sure. I don't know much of the current Indian situation but I'd expect opening a huge section of the market to direct investment from all around the world will make a huge difference. I bet there's multinational groups just waiting to grab their piece of the pie once the rush starts.

  • This is such a difficult subject to answer to you in a forum like this.