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I feel fat when sitting down, is it just me?

Anyone feel this psychological behavior lol? By no means I am overweight or fat, I've got defined abs and I just got my twice a year stats back... Show More

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  • You're an arrogant one, AzN bio. :-P

    But out of all seriousness, I do understand where you're feeling 1st hand. When you are more active overall, you feel what natural posture and energy flow is supposed to be.

    When you sit, you notice that your posture doesn't feel "natural"...because it isn't. You feel the pressure on your obliques, abs, and lower back, as well as your back and neck, and you feel lethargic. You feel the pressure on your back and hips, and it doesn't feel "natural", as if your energy flow is disrupted (because it is!).

    I remember back in the days years ago back in my dorm years of college, when I would be content sitting and laying down (playing video games, watching TV, on the computer, etc.) for most of the day if I had nowhere to go.

    Now...im definitely more antsy. I can't sit down in one spot for too long. Sometimes I eat standing up. Even when I am on the computer, I rotate between sitting and standing.

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  • I eat mostly foods that look like the ones in my pic, if you eat heavy cheesy, greasy, foods no matter you're weight they will make you feel heavy, also your bowels may be backed up if you regularly eat these foods, maybe try a colonic!

    • lol I don't know about that I eat tons of meat, and I get them from a local butcher shop or hunt them myself. I am dairy intolerant and I have OAS (oral allergy syndrome)- so I can't eat veggies :p

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    • wow man well obviously this is not a normal condition for the body to be in. Powerful herbs will cause people to heal in different parts of their bodies and often they will have a purging effect which people may mistake as allergies or sickness. I do not know how artificial body parts handle these things. Ripe, juicy fruits are also great for cleansing, also try coconut water. But you say your problem is more psychological, so it might help to stop comparing yourself to others. There is no perfe

    • ct body.

  • Everyone feels that way.

  • Yup, that happens to me too.

  • just u.

    no where near fat and models should compare themselves to you if anything

  • I'm like that too!

    I'm 5'2 106# & I got pudge. I hate it. People yell at me "You're not fat!"

    Yeah...so you think classmates...lol

  • your cray cray

  • I'm not fat either and I feel the same way too. When I sit, I feel crouched and feel heavy around my belly area.

  • Maybe all of the things you said.No body knows but you.Sit and think on it for a while.

  • I am willing to say that a great many of those "models" have been altered. Even if only slightly. I completely agree that I feel fat sitting down though. I am back down to a size one POST pregnancy and I gave birth 3 weeks ago! lol. It is just a psychological thing though. I am in no way over weight and I kno that. If you sit up nice and tall it doesn't reduce the small amount of "fat" that is there.

  • I think it's in your head especially since you have abs

    I'm not over weight, but I don't have hard rock abs. I feel the same though

    Also the whole comparing thing may be a thing

  • When I sit down my abs are gone :o

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  • Nah.

    Take me for example, I AM fat, standing up or sitting down.

  • Nah, everyone looks fat when they sit down. It's just cause yer belly just bunches up and everything and looks all gross. But it happens to everyone so it's k.

  • Yup I feel that way too ahah

  • ur a twig. you have no muscle or fat lol

  • yea you look fat as f***. lose some weight

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