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Any other hippies out there? <3

Just looking to see if there are any other brothers or sisters out there on this site <3 Random question is all! xox ^_^

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  • If you're my sister... then we cant... umm.

    I'm going to hell.

    • Is your sister hot? :-D

    • Some of them are cute I guess.

    • LOL!

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  • Bald headed capitalist hippy reporting in. ;-)

    • :D

  • I don't call myself a hippie, but most of my friends do. Peace and love flowerchlid.

  • While not a total hippie, I do take time out to enjoy mother nature and what she provides. You looking to make friends, hang out? If you are, remember to be careful! Always take at least one friend with you for backup.

    • Awh It was just a random question, It's all chill ^_^ don't be worrying xox

  • I'm a physicist, not a hippie.

  • Yea kinda.

    • I believe in free love lol

  • I used to be quite ardently hippy and I'd roll around castle ruins in waistcoats in purple sunglasses listening to Jefferson Airplane and 13th Floor Elevators and smoking highly potent marijuana. I'm not anymore though, but I still have a lot of affection for the stuff that came out of the Acid Wave.

    • Sounds like a wild time ^_^

    • It wasss

  • Nope plus the hippie era died off, just because your a stoner doesn't mean you're a hippie, it simply means you're a stoner.

    • Hippie era never diesss XOX

  • You are not a hippie.

    Hippie culture in the late sixties through the seventies was a time of discovery borne out of ignorance. Drugs were experimental, the sexual revolution was an end to self-repression, and many of the concepts that hippies dreamed up were new and different, if not always actually enlightening.

    You were born into the progression of a culture that either outgrew that experimentation or integrated it into our society. The "hippie" is a concept, and one that's been dead for so long that people who actually WERE hippies can only vaguely recall what it meant.

    Don't be sad though, it sounds a hell of a lot more glorious than it ever actually was.

  • Yes and Jerry Jerry (Garcia :))

  • You'd probably hate me.. I'm in the army lol

    • pfft no way <3

    • okay then, I love you too <3

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