Fantasizing about being bad.

I remember I use to fantasize about killing people in war and raping women back in the day. Good thing I never did anything like that. What's the worst thing you've ever fantasized about? Did it become a reality?


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  • totally as a kid I was really messed up and would fantasize about these things almost constantly. I had this fantasy of kidnapping drunk women at clubs/parties and bringing them out in the middle of no where, where I'd keep them in cages, hundreds of them all stacked up in a giant warehouse, they would be wearing s and m outfits and I would conduct sexual experiments on them... It never became a reality, lol but I like violent sex choking, slapping, and rough anal sex, etc.

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      also when I was in school I would imagine sexual acts with my class mates, that was a fun way to pass the time...