Do you have native blood?

Lately I've met a lot of people who claim to have native blood. Now some of them were clearly lying. My favorite is those who have a great great (insert obscure family member) who is sioux/choctaw/whatever the hell else or those that vaguely say "I have native blood" without elaboration. Now on to my question. Do you actually have native blood? For the purpose if this question, if the relative is beyond grandparent or if they are 1/4;1/7 or some other dumbass fraction that sh*t don't count.

  • I have legitimate native heritage
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  • I don't have native blood
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  • I have a distant relative that is .00001% native so I milk it shamelessly
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  • I'm not native but lie because its more interesting than Irish/British and so on
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  • How do you know if they are lying or not?

    I believe so. I haven't actually looked into it, but I'm told we are and my grandfather and a couple of his siblings had the skin tone. Other of his siblings were a bit lighter. I've heard stories of my great grandfather but never met him or even seen a picture. He was apparently the full blood and his wife was part something or other. lol

    I saw a video on Youtube that had black celebrities doing DNA tests and a lot of them said they had native blood and it turned out that most of them just had white ancestors. It was pretty interesting.

    • Oh and do I count? lol

      I don't go around saying that I am unless I'm asked about it and I feel like giving an in depth answer.

    • You don't count

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  • Yes, when I went to Westernworld on vacation I bought a small vile of native blood. It belonged to Geronimo.

  • Excuse me my friend, it does count. More people than you think have native blood in them and it is a very small percentage. The bulk is due to the rape of nearly all native women by the white Europeans when the men were killed off.

    The Native American is the only race that had ever been destroyed. Destruction is when the strongest of the race are killed. The Native American Indian has relative found in Central and South Americas.

    The Mormons have the best detailed Genealogy records on the planet and have even traced Jesus's brothers. The Mormons are searching for descendant's of Cain. Mormons are raciest and collect this information to exclude persons in their pool.

    • I'm sorry but having a great great great great aunt who was 1/7 Choctaw does joy entitle one to claim native blood

  • I do have legitimate native blood in me, but it's so minimal I kinda just go "meh" It still is technically legitimate native blood lol.

  • Proudly 0% native :)

  • Did you get this from my answer I left on that one girls question about her being into her ex boyfriends "Brazilian" culture...if you did, thanks for making a question about it, I feel appreciated :)

    • No sorry. I actually was inspired by the mixed race question. I think it's in "other"

    • Ah, I see, well you should read my answer based on the girls question about liking her ex's culture

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  • Last semester, my history teacher(who is Mexican-American) told us a quote from a Mexican artist and as someone who is part Hispanic, I could understand it. I can't remember the quote, but it went along the lines of whites and blacks in America are desperate to claim Indian blood but Latin Americans are desperate to deny their Indian blood/heritage.

    In America, it's like bragging rights to say "I'm part (insert NA tribe)" or "I'm part Indian." In Latin America, it's frowned upon...especially to resemble Indios with the dark skin and indigenous look.

    Anyways, my grandmother was mestizo, a but more Indian but I'm not gonna claim to be Native. I can't stand when I see folks who are obviously white or obviously black do that. I also can't stand to hear people say "I'm part Irish, Italian, Polish, German and French with a bit of Russian." Like shut the front door. Or those who are like "I'm Puerto Rican, German, Irish, Cherokee and black." shut upp

  • 0%

  • nope

  • Most people in the south and midwest do have a great great great whatever that was a native. Mine is very very far away, but we kept the tan color. Lord knows the whities that we are from are not lol

  • I do not