Do you have native blood?

Lately I've met a lot of people who claim to have native blood. Now some of them were clearly lying. My favorite is those who have a great great (insert obscure family member) who is sioux/choctaw/whatever the hell else or those that vaguely say "I have native blood" without elaboration. Now on to... Show More

  • Vote A I have legitimate native heritage
  • Vote B I don't have native blood
  • Vote C I have a distant relative that is .00001% native so I milk it shamelessly
  • Vote D I'm not native but lie because its more interesting than Irish/British and so on

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  • How do you know if they are lying or not?

    I believe so. I haven't actually looked into it, but I'm told we are and my grandfather and a couple of his siblings had the skin tone. Other of his siblings were a bit lighter. I've heard stories of my great grandfather but never met him or even seen a picture. He was apparently the full blood and his wife was part something or other. lol

    I saw a video on Youtube that had black celebrities doing DNA tests and a lot of them said they had native blood and it turned out that most of them just had white ancestors. It was pretty interesting.

    • Oh and do I count? lol

      I don't go around saying that I am unless I'm asked about it and I feel like giving an in depth answer.

    • You don't count