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Guys what does it mean when you want to take a break?

my boyfriend has been getting mad at me for everything..he started talking to a girl he slept with and her friend texted and said she was trying to... Show More

he texted tonight and said he needs to know if I can have kids or not. He is upset about the miscarrige and needs to know cause he wants kids..i told him to choose to be with me or be alone. If he loves me he wouldn't leave because of this. I don't want to know what he has been doing with other whores. This is his last chance and if he f***s it up he will be put in my past with second guessing.
we are going to talk Friday...im just getting to the point I'm done with everyone and I'm going to talk to a navy recruiter this week..he has been talking to me normal now..idk what to do I want to leave but I dont. I hate my emotions...what do you guys think he would do if I left?

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  • It's over, is interested in someone else. My girlfriend did the same exact thing to me and two weeks later she was sleeping with another guy and broke up with me. I wish I had protected my self and prepared my self for the worst rather than waiting and hoping...

    It's a terrible thing to do because it basically allows the other person to start healing from the time they say while still being able to talk to you to make it easier. And when they are ready they'll break up with you and you will be crushed :/.

    • i wish I would have gone by this from the start man, he left a few weeks later and then didn't speak to me for 5 months then called me crying begging for me to take him back..i took him back and we now have a house together but it still hurt like hell when he left...im sorry that happened to you, but it gives you a chance to find someone better

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  • Unless he gave SPECIFIC terms about the break (is talking to other guys/girls OK, is going on dates with other guys/girls OK, is kissing or being sexual with other guys/girls is OK, time frame of the break, contact or no contact between the two of you, etc.)...




    ...he simply wants to hold on to you as backup, and pursue other girls. If things go well with another girl, he'll go with her and dump you.

    If things DONT go well and he can't find another girl, then he'll go back to you.


    Frankly, QA, I don't believe that ANYONE should be anyone's "Plan B". I'm the type that either says we're completely together or completely broken up.

    I may sound pressuring, frankly because in that scenario, I damn well would be pressuring. No bullsh*t of putting me on layaway while she goes shop around other guys.

    I'd be damned if I get used like that by another person.

    P.S. I may sound like an a**hole, but I'm really not. I'm just passionate about this topic. :)

  • Taking a break is normally code for "I want to break up but I'm too chicken to call it quits or I want to keep my options open in case what I'm working on doesn't pan out".

  • It means he wants to have his cake and it eat too. Tell him f*** off!

  • The whole concept of a break is stupid. Usually this is people asking permission to cheat. If you like some enough to be in a relationship, you should want to be around that person. If you don't, you shouldn't be in a relationship with that person and break it off. If someone needs space, then that's what it should be. But, what that should be is space while still remaining in a relationship with the rules still in place. With this break, he can do whatever he wants and not be in the wrong, yet it will still hurt you, bad. I know the guy is supposed to be the leader, but you should've stood up for yourself and made terms such as being with other girls during this "break" means we re done for good. You don't want a guy who messing around with other girls. If he just needs to clear his head, that's not necessary. But, No body can say for certain why he is doing this or what he'll do.

  • A break can mean different things to different people. I've only used the "break" once, and that was because the girl I was with refused to accept a straight up break-up and I didn't know what else to do other than say lets go and a brak and see what happens. Truth is, I didn't have any intention of getting back together. So, when I hear the term "break" that is what usually comes to my mind. But maybe this guys just needs some room to breathe. Maybe he'll test the waters and either like it or realize that he wants you back. I don't think anyone can read. I do understand your frustration though. I wish you the best.

  • There's another chick he's seeing.

    Prep to protect yourself.

    If you have anything of his, put it in a box and into that closet that is closest to the door.

    And vice versa; start gathering anything of yours from him in whatever few visits you can manage to his place.

    But short term answer: it's over.

  • Seems like it's over...he's probably seeing another girl.

  • that means that we are done with this relationship and do not have the balls to say it.

  • Sorry for your loss by the way. Sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too. Basically, he wants to "hit" other chicks but "keep" you at the same time. The "break" excuse is so when you find out what he was doing(who he has been having sex with), he can say "it was during our split up".

  • He sounds really immature and selfish. Your relationship is going through problems and instead of trying to work them out he is just avoiding them. He's definitely trying to hold on to you in case his plans to sleep around don't work out. And he wants you to just wait blindly for him to come back without him putting in any effort to improve himself? Sorry!

    • ugh what a douche! I think ill pretend to wait continue losing weight get thin and hot and when he comes back just no you f***ed up and let a good lady go good luck with the hoes out there...how would that be? We got intn awhile back and he had pushed me and grabbed my arms and shook me hard

    • What?! If he laid his hands on you then you should have nothing to do with him. This guy has a lot of growing up to do.

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  • Ditch him

  • It means he would like to start sleeping w other girls. Do your heart a huge favor and break all ties w him. He does not love you or he would not leave you. Please don't degrade yourself by sticking around for whatever scraps he decides to throw your way.

  • He wasn't supportive of you when you had a miscarriage and blamed you? You need to stay away from this man (I feel wrong even calling him that) honestly you deserve a LOT better. Not to mention all of the other sh*t. He's trying to string you along. Just be strong and walk the other way. Ignore him and tell him you're moving on with your life.

  • Don't be stupid. Your boyfriend is using you as back up, I'm sorry for what happened but your boyfriend is being a tool. Don't put yourself on pause for a guy whose probably going to be sleeping around and talking to other females. You should never be so dependent on a person you become a damn mat.

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