Guys what does it mean when you want to take a break?

my boyfriend has been getting mad at me for everything..he started talking to a girl he slept with and her friend texted and said she was trying to have sex with him again I asked him about it and he started tripping out on me and said he wanted to take a break but continue talking to me until he gets his head cleared..i was pregnant and miscarried I told him tonight before I left the bar and he said he doesn't want to talk right now and I told him that I loved him and he said it back..he was complimenting me all day and asking what I had planned for the night and I went out with my friend her boyfriend and his friend to go to a bar and he got mad that her bfs friend was there because my boyfriend doesn't like him because of a fight we all got into and he called me fat but then apologized so I didn't mind that he came along..does he just need time apart? does he want to sleep with other women? I'm so confused and hurt right now.. I want to wait for him and get back together but I know if I told him I wanted a break he wouldn't even get back with me..i just don't know what to do anymore or what to say to him. he was the one who braught up getting pregnant and I agreed and then when it didn't happen for awhile he was mad at me for it and then when it happened he starting getting weird then normal then weird again...i just don't know how to react to all of this..i need him the most now since I lost the baby but he won't talk to me. should I just not text him unless he texts me first? he hasn't changed his relationship status on fb just has been adding a lot of females..he said he would always be mine and hopes that I'm not out doing things that I shouldn't and was asking where I was at and what I was doing and who I was with..i am staying faithful to him even though he left but is he staying faithful to me? he also said he needs a break now to clear his head before it gets worse and he is changing...what does that mean? will he come back to me or realize that he doesn't want to be with me? I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst but its too hard to lose him.

he texted tonight and said he needs to know if I can have kids or not. He is upset about the miscarrige and needs to know cause he wants kids..i told him to choose to be with me or be alone. If he loves me he wouldn't leave because of this. I don't want to know what he has been doing with other whores. This is his last chance and if he f***s it up he will be put in my past with second guessing.
we are going to talk just getting to the point I'm done with everyone and I'm going to talk to a navy recruiter this week..he has been talking to me normal now..idk what to do I want to leave but I dont. I hate my emotions...what do you guys think he would do if I left?


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  • It's over, is interested in someone else. My girlfriend did the same exact thing to me and two weeks later she was sleeping with another guy and broke up with me. I wish I had protected my self and prepared my self for the worst rather than waiting and hoping...

    It's a terrible thing to do because it basically allows the other person to start healing from the time they say while still being able to talk to you to make it easier. And when they are ready they'll break up with you and you will be crushed :/.

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      i wish I would have gone by this from the start man, he left a few weeks later and then didn't speak to me for 5 months then called me crying begging for me to take him back..i took him back and we now have a house together but it still hurt like hell when he sorry that happened to you, but it gives you a chance to find someone better